One of the most annoying things about browsing the web is videos that autoplay with sound. For anyone that has tried to browse discretely in the back of a boring meeting or presentation, you know how loathsome these can be. The latest update for Google Chrome aims to make web browsing just less annoying overall.

Chrome 64 beta allows users to easily mute autoplaying videos across an entire website. To enable this feature, click on the green lock or info section to the left of the URL. From here you will have the option to always allow audio, always block audio, or use the default setting.

In addition to this new setting, the latest Chrome also comes with an improved pop-up blocker. This is aimed at preventing websites from using transparent overlays or decoy play/download buttons to open new tabs or pop-ups. Along a similar line, the update will also help prevent malicious redirects. It does this by blocking third-party content hidden in a webpage unless the user has interacted with that element.

Another new feature is HDR playback support in Windows 10. Granted, this will only work with Windows 10 Creators Update and when viewing HDR content with an HDR compatible GPU and on an HDR compatible display. Chrome OS will also get a new Split View feature as announced previously, developers will have more control over page resizing on dynamic websites, and more.