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A Roblox Chrome extension downloaded by over 200,000 users contains a backdoor

Users should uninstall the Chrome extension "SearchBlox" immediately
PSA: If you have the popular extension SearchBlox installed on Google Chrome, you should immediately uninstall it, clear your cookies, and change your passwords for Roblox and Rolimons. The extension contained a backdoor designed to steal user credentials. Other websites you may have logged into with the extension installed may also be at risk.
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"Dormant Color" malware infects millions of PCs with malicious Chrome extensions

What just happened? Researchers with Guardio Security uncovered a "vast campaign" of malicious data-collecting browser extensions. The analysts dubbed it "Dormant Colors" because of the malware's focus on color and style themes — Action Colors, Power Colors, Super Colors, and so on. Dormant Colors consists of 30 different extensions that millions of users have downloaded.