You know you’re good at a video game when you set out to top a world record but accidentally break a different record in the process. That’s exactly what happened to Jonas Neubauer during a recent round of Tetris for the NES.

Neubauer, better known in the competitive community as BubbinsGoody, recently attempted to set the world record for speed-clearing 100 lines in the classic puzzle game. The run started out great and around the two-minute mark, he noticed that he had achieved a score of 300,000 rather quickly.

“That was a quick 300,” he said casually during the livestreamed run.

Shortly after, he made a mistake that essentially ended the original world record run and gave up trying. It was at that point that Neubauer realized he accidentally set a new world record for being the fastest to reach a score of 300,000. His reaction is hilarious.

Oh, and as for the original 100 lines cleared record, he achieved that goal the following day.

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