CES might be just around the corner, but some companies, such as Dell with its new XPS 13 laptop, prefer to unveil their products before proceedings begin. LG isn't waiting, either; it's just announced the company's first 4K HDR projector: the HU80KA.

LG says that the problem with many other UHD projectors is that they're "heavy, expensive, and difficult to install." The HU80KA, which resembles a tall box with a carry handle, is around half the size of competitors' products. The unconventional design comes from LG's "mirrorless I-shaped engine." It can be hung on the wall or from the ceiling, or simply placed on the floor.

The HU80KA offers up an impressive 150-inch picture that can be projected onto any flat surface. It's also LG's brightest projector to date, able to reach 2500 lumens, while the 4K image is created using Expanded Pixel Resolution (XPR) technology.

The HDR video support comes in the form of the HDR10 format, allowing a wide range of deep colors. There's also a pair of 7W speakers built into the projector, giving it a bit more portability.

As well as the usual optical output, HDMI, and Bluetooth (audio) connections, the HU80KA also features USB and Ethernet ports. You can even hook your keyboard and mouse up to it. Much like its Smart TV cousins, the projector runs webOS 3.5, which means it should come with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime already installed.

LG will be showing off the HU80KA at CES. There's still no word on price, but it could come in at around $2000 or less to compete against rivals such as Optoma's 4K projector.