4K televisions were initially reserved for those with very deep pocket but over time, technological improvements brought manufacturing costs down significantly. The savings were ultimately passed along to the consumer and now, we're seeing the same thing happen in the projector space.

Audio and video solutions provider Optoma recently announced two of the industry's first 4K UHD projectors at what it labels as "market-shattering" prices. The Optoma UHD60 and UHD65, both consumer-grade projectors, offer true 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution with High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatibility as well as REC.2020 wide color gamut and DCI-P3 coverage.

Optoma says its new projectors also feature vertical lens shift and a 1.6x zoom, thus allowing for a 4K UHD image of up to 300 inches, as well as two HDMI ports and one HDCP 2.2 port.

The Optoma UHD60, with a brightness rating of 3,000 lumens, a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio (with Dynamic Black enabled) and a white chassis, retails for $1,999. The UHD65, meanwhile, offers PureMotion video processing technology to eliminate motion blurring and image judder, a 1,200,000:1 contrast ratio (with Dynamic Black enabled), 2,200 lumens of brightness and a black chassis. It can be yours for $2,499.

The UHD60 is available to pre-order through Amazon, Best Buy and other popular retailers as of writing. If it's the UHD65 you're after, you'll have to get in contact with distributors Full Compass, ProjectorPeople.com or Visual Apex.