Details regarding Corsair's H150i and H115i all-in-one liquid coolers surfaced weeks ago but now, they have moved beyond vaporware status. In addition to the coolers, Corsair has also added a new power supply and case to its line-up.

The Corsair AX1600i is a 1,600 watt power supply exceeding 80 Plus Titanium efficiency. In order to achieve over 94 percent maximum efficiency, the AX1600i is the only enthusiast-grade power supply to use Gallium Nitride transistors (it also features all Japanese capacitors rated at 105°C).

As expected, the AX1600i utilizes Corsair Link software for digital monitoring of power consumption, temperatures, rail voltages and efficiency statistics. Despite being capable of delivering a massive amount of power, the AX1600i manages to remain just 200mm in length.

If a quiet PC is something you are after, the H150i Pro and H115i Pro offer a unique feature that is sure to draw some interest. These CPU coolers have Zero RPM Mode to completely stop and silence all fans when it is safe to do so. Enthusiasts looking for performance are not likely to be spending much time with their CPUs in low-power states necessary for complete silence but moderate activity will still be able to favor noise reduction.

Based on Corsair's own priority of noise reduction, the H115i Pro and H50i Pro are not expected to be the highest performing coolers on the market in terms of quelling heat. Both are expected to perform well for their size and exhibit solid build quality but will not be topping the charts in raw performance.

Lastly in Corsair's showcase is a new Carbide Series SPEC-OMEGA mid-tower case. Sticking with an asymmetric design and tempered glass, gamers are sure to be drawn in.

An LED light strip down the front and two included SP120 fans offer a touch of accenting. All of Corsair's own Hydro series coolers can fit inside with support for up to 360mm radiators. Plenty of rubber grommets for cable routing are found throughout. As pictured above, the Spec-Omega comes in red, black and white.

All four corsair products are available now. Pricing is as follows: