One thing mysteriously absent from Corsair's all-in-one (AIO) cooling solutions has been RGB lighting. Nearly all major brands offering AIO liquid cooling options have added some form of lighting paired with mediocre control software.

Now, Corsair has plans to introduce two new liquid coolers to fill in the gaps. The H115i Pro and H150i Pro will both ship with RGB lighting with 280mm and 360mm radiators respectively. To differentiate Pro models from the existing products available, Corsair is likely to use its ML series fans with magnetic levitation bearings.

Each of the two 140mm fans on the H115i Pro will spin up to 1200 RPM pushing 55.4 CFM while producing 20.4 dB of noise. The H150i Pro fans are rated for 1600 RPM, can push 47.3 CFM, and will produce 25 dB of disturbance.

The H115i Pro has an estimated retail price of $139.99. Moving up to the 360mm option is believed to cost $159.99. As processor core counts increase, power draw on many-core CPUs necessitates high end cooling in order to overclock or even just prevent thermal throttling. Intel's i9 7980XE could be the perfect candidate for a 360mm radiator given its absolutely massive power draw when pushed to its limits.

For enthusiasts with more reasonably priced processors, there may be no need for a massive 360mm radiator, but reduced noise is always welcome as is improved aesthetics. Availability has not yet been announced, but CES 2018 is a likely contender for the unveiling of these new coolers.