Compulsion Games has been hard at work on its cartoonish, dystopian survival-horror game We Happy Few. Despite its hard work, the game is not going to make its April 13 release date. According to COO Sam Abbott and Creative Director Guillaume Provost, the title has been pushed back to a summer launch.

The game is nearly complete. In fact, Provost said that all of the content of the game was finished a month ago. However, the team recently sat down and reviewed what they had and decided it needed a little more work.

"We felt like the first two hours of Arthur's story just ... wasn't what it should be," explained Abbott.

Many of the story moments that occur late in Arthur's storyline have been moved forward. After going over the proposed changes, the entire team felt pleased with them and decided to move forward with the alteration. As a result, the devs need more time to make the necessary changes.

The developers promise to adhere to their policy of transparency and will continue to provide the community and supporters with weekly updates.

Compulsion has remained tight-lipped about the characters in the game aside from Arthur. In fact, they have remained so secretive that they have not even revealed the names of the other two primary protagonists. However, in the way of an apology for the delay, the devs have released the first glimpse of one of the other heroes - Sally.

The clip does not reveal too much about Sally's story as it primarily features her running into Arthur who she apparently has not seen in some time. Arthur has his "happy face" on but he doesn't look too happy.

When it finally does launch, you can pick up We Happy Few for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC. Check in with Compulsion's Weekly Journal to keep up with the most current development notes about the game including a firm release date.