KFC has a long history of doing wacky PR stunts such as the time they released fried chicken scented candles or their "Extra Crispy Sunscreen." The company has often tried gimmicky tech items like the chicken bucket photo printer or the takeout box with a USB port to charge your phone. Just last year, they came out with a creepy VR game to train new employees and a special edition KFC smartphone from Huawei.

On Tuesday, the fast food chain has announced it will soon have a chicken wings takeout box that can be assembled into a Bluetooth quadcopter drone. They call it the "KFO" and all the parts to build it are included in the box. It is DIY but don't worry, KFC has a video to help.

So after you have eaten your delicious KFC Smokey Grilled Wings, you can go outside and fly the box with your smartphone. There are only two caveats.

First, the gadget will only be available in India. No big surprise here as most of these crazy promotions don't fly too well in the US (if you'll pardon the pun). Even the KFC phone was only released in China.

The second catch is that most of the gadgets that have come out like this have been cheap and mostly disposable. Their USB phone charger (also an India-only promotion) only supplied about 30 percent of a charge and was not reusable so don't expect big things from this copter if you happen to get one.