Android 7.0 Nougat has been steadily climbing as far as user distribution goes. Back in September, the mobile operating system surpassed KitKat as the third most popular version of Android and last month it crept past Lollipop to become the second most popular Android version.

Now, Nougat has finally unseated Marshmallow as the most popular Android version in use right now, according to 9to5Google. The popular mobile OS now lays claim to a whopping 28.5 percent of Android phones, beating Marshmallow by about 0.4 percent.

Android 8/8.1 Oreo, on the other hand, sits at a mere 1.1 percent distribution. While this is a small 0.8 percent increase over January's numbers, it still marks Oreo as one of the least-used Android operating systems out there.

As we've noted in the past, fragmentation is hitting Google's new OS particularly hard. Google has attempted to rectify this by rolling out the lightweight Android Go mobile OS for lower-end phones but it hasn't served to improve Oreo's user numbers much just yet.

To complicate matters further, Android phone makers have been slow once again to roll out the latest updates to smartphones in their lineup. Indeed, some have chosen to roll the update out to only their newest flagship devices, leaving owners of even slightly older Android smartphones in the dust.

Apple's latest iOS 11 update is a different story entirely, sitting at 65 percent distribution as of January 18.