It seems HP is emphasizing their commitment to business users today. The company recently announced a "refreshed" laptop and mobile workstation line-up and now they've launched a series of new professional-oriented 4K displays.

The first of these displays is the EliteDisplay S270N, a 27" IPS monitor with a 4K resolution, 14ms response time, 60Hz refresh rate and a "10000000:1" dynamic contrast ratio. The S270N also boasts full USB-C functionality, allowing for video, data and power to be transmitted through a single cable, eliminating the need for bulky power cords.

Next up is the Z27, the Z32 and the Z43 with 27", 32" and 43" displays, respectively. As before, these three IPS displays also feature USB-C functionality and afford 4K resolutions and 60Hz refresh rates. The difference between them and the S720N lies in their dynamic contrast ratios, each of which sits at 5000000:1 or half of what the S270N offers. With the exception of the Z32, these displays also have a faster 8ms response time.

If you'd prefer not to deal with unruly display cables, HP has also unveiled their new Thunderbolt Dock G2 which can simultaneously provide power for up to two 4K displays.

As far as pricing goes, the S270n will run you about $549, the Z27 will cost $559, the Z32 is priced at $899 and the Z43 will come in at $799. HP says device availability will open up sometime today (the Z27 won't arrive until April). However, the Thunderbolt Dock G2 hasn't received a firm release date or price tag just yet.