The Evil Within 2 arrived last October on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Shortly after launch, PC gamers discovered a way to enable a first-person view throughout the game (originally, only a specific portion of the game's story was playable through Sebastian's eyes).

Now, the alternate view is available to everyone thanks to a free update from Bethesda.

As Bethesda content manager Anne Lewis recounts, the community began clamoring for the feature to be extended to the rest of the game and the development team at Tango Gameworks listened. With the update, you'll be able to play the entirety of The Evil Within 2 via first-person by flipping a switch in the options. What's more, you can toggle the camera at will, allowing you to experience the game from different viewpoints as you progress through the story.

Those that don't already own the game can download the free trial and play through the opening chapters of the game (first-person view has also been officially added to the demo). Should you decide to purchase the game, all of your saved data will transfer over to the full game.

The new camera mode is accompanied by a digital sale that knocks 50 percent off the cost of the game. The offer is active as of writing and runs through February 19 on Steam and February 20 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.