Nintendo in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. in 2015 launched an encyclopedia covering nearly every major title in the franchise’s storied history. The 256-page book was launched exclusively in Japan but later this year, those living in the US will have their opportunity to pick up the publication.

Dark Horse Comics is working on an English version of Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia. According to Kotaku, the book will provide an exhaustive look at almost every game in the series, from the 1985 classic all the way through 2015’s Super Mario 3D for the Wii U. The latest release, Super Mario Odyssey, didn’t make the cut seeing as the book was originally published a few years back and Odyssey only arrived late last year. Super Mario Run probably won't be included, either, for the same reason.

Inside, you’ll find information on various characters, enemies, items, power-ups, levels, techniques and more encountered in each game.

Kotaku says the standard edition will retail for $39.99 when it drops on October 23. Dark Horse hasn’t yet confirmed if a deluxe edition will be offered although if previous publications are any indication, there probably will be.

Dark Horse is also working on a deluxe edition of its Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia that resembles the original gold NES cartridge. According to Amazon, this 328-page book will launch on June 19 of this year priced at $71.99 (the standard edition arrives on the same day for just $25.48).