Square Enix on Tuesday surprised the gaming community with the unexpected arrival of Chrono Trigger on Steam. Unfortunately, any excitement surrounding the launch quickly turned sour as gamers realized exactly what they were dealing with.

Square Enix in announcing the new version said it includes two extra dungeons, updated graphics and sound, updated controls and a new auto-save feature. What's more, those who purchase the game before April 2 will receive a handful of digital bonus material including wallpapers in various sizes and a medley of music to download.

A quick look at Chrono Trigger's listing on Steam, however, reveals a sea of negative reviews.

Most gamers seem irritated by the fact that this is a port of the mobile (Android and iOS) version of the game, not the original Super Nintendo version Square put out in 1995. As for the updated graphics and sound, well... that's not really accurate according to Steam reviewers and tech / gaming site editors. Virtually everyone is complaining about how bad the game looks on PC - from the clunky UI and blurry sprites to the atrocious text fonts and touch-first controls... it's just, bad.

If you're considering giving Chrono Trigger a try on the PC, be sure to do your homework first. Check out the trailer, examine the screenshots and read the reviews. Diehard fans will probably love it either way but boy does it seem as if Square Enix dropped the ball here.