There's no denying the iPhone X is a popular device, even if its sales numbers haven't met Apple's expectations. But for many getting their hands on Apple's new flagship has proven difficult, due in no small part to the device's hefty $1,000 price tag.

If you count yourself among those individuals, Sprint may have a solution for you.

The mobile carrier is offering a good deal for potential iPhone X users. If you buy into Sprint's mobile plan, you can get the device for $20/month, a sizable 50 percent price cut compared to its normal $41.67/mo cost. Sprint claims this is a "limited time" offer, but they have yet to state when it will over.

If you are interested in the iPhone X but don't care for the 64GB base model, Sprint will also let you snag the 256GB version in exchange for a $150 down payment.

However, there is a catch. With the offer, you are technically leasing the device, meaning at the end of 18 months you'll need to either pay off the remaining balance to keep it or return the device and upgrade to something else. That said, to make the offer a bit more enticing, Sprint is allowing users who take advantage of the offer to "Upgrade to the latest iPhone any time after 12 lease payments."

The offer applies to new Sprint customers only or for those who are adding a new line of service.