Rejoice fellow PS4 owners! Other update is out for our beloved console and contains a bunch of new features per the official PlayStation blog. Beta testers have been playing around with the new features for a while but now it is available to the general audience.

First is Play Time Management. This allows parents (or adult family members who are considered guardians) to manage play time for child family members on PSN. The parent/guardian can apply restrictions on a set amount of time or within certain time periods (say after school to bedtime). Once a child is close to the time limit, a notification will pop up which should give the child enough time to save their game or finish that last boss. Parents/Guardians can also manage play time via their smartphone or computer as well as specify whether or not to automatically log the child out of the PS4 once their time is up.

Second is a slew of updates to the Library. The update adds a "This PS4" tab that lists all applications and games that are currently installed. Clicking on your name/avatar will list all applications that were purchased using your PSN ID. This should make it easier to search for games you have purchased but haven't downloaded yet.

The PS Plus tab highlights the free PS Plus games you own. Because you can only play those games if you have an active PS Plus subscription, a PS Plus icon appears with a lock on top of it next to the games if your subscription has expired.

If you have a bunch of games/demos that you know you probably won't play again, you can hide them under the "Purchased" tab. It's a simple as pressing the Options button on the highlighted game and selecting the option to hide the game.

For those who subscribe to PS Now, Sony's game streaming service, you will finally be able to play background music while streaming the game. However, just like playing locally, the game itself may not actually support background music.

For PS4 Pro owners who don't have 4K TVs, there is a new "supersampling mode" under Settings that allows players with 1080p or lower HDTVs to have enhanced visuals on some PS4 games. Supersampling downscales 4K content to match the resolution of whatever the screen is. Some games such as Horizon Zero Dawn already have this feature but the new mode allows the feature on games that don't natively support it.

Other minor updates include the ability to import custom wallpapers via USB, customize your Tournament team's page with a custom logo or background, and better notification management.