For a while now, we've heard reports about the shrinking Android smartwatch market. Not too long ago, companies were falling over each other in the rush to release to new wearables, but their numbers have diminished recently. However, it appears that Google might be about to give its Android Wear platform a makeover, thereby reigniting interest in the sector.

First spotted by Redditor H3x0n, it looks as if Google is rebranding Android Wear, changing the name to Wear OS. Their post consists of a notification they received while setting up an unspecified smartwatch. It shows a new 'W' logo featuring Google's blue, yellow, green, and red color scheme, along with the name "Wear OS."

The new changes appeared after H3x0n installed the latest beta of Google Play services, so they're likely to appear for everyone who installs this beta version. As noted by Android Headlines, there were more references to Wear OS in the beta APK, including referring to it as the "wearable service name," suggesting that a name change is incoming.

Rebranding Android Wear would no doubt help put the focus back on Google's smartwatch platform. The fact that recent Wear devices also work with iOS devices could have played a part in the revamp.

There has been no official word from Google on the new name. Assuming it does happen, the company is likely to announce it at this year's annual I/O conference, which, according to the Google Developers' Twitter account, will take place from May 8 to May 10.