Activision in 2016 launched a remastered version of Modern Warfare, one of the most beloved entries in the popular first-person shooter franchise. The release ruffled some feathers, however, as it was initially only available as part of a bundle alongside Infinite Warfare although the situation was remedied the following year with the launch of a standalone version.

Now, it appears Activision is poised to release another remastered CoD game.

A listing for a remastered version of 2009's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 recently popped up on Amazon's Italian portal. Multiple sites reported on the listing which appears to have since been removed. It was shown to be coming to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 30, 2018, priced at 19.99 euros.

While probably just a placeholder, the April 30 date is coming up quick. If accurate, that'd be a small window between the game's announcement and release. Modern Warfare Remastered was announced alongside Infinite Warfare about six months before its launch.

The game wouldn't be entirely surprising. Activision last month said it planned on releasing remastered versions of titles from its library of intellectual property this year but stopped short of mentioning any specific games by name.

The next new entry in the series, Black Ops 4, is scheduled to launch on October 12 from developer Treyarch.