Coffee shops like Starbucks have made it trivially easy to get your fix on the go but what if you're out in the middle of nowhere or on a job site with no access to electricity to brew your own? Sure, you could rough it and use a campfire or other primitive methods but who has time for that?

With Makita's latest cordless coffee maker, you can brew a fresh cup any time so long as you've got a battery handy.

The Makita CM501DZ is a cordless coffee maker that runs on the same batteries that power the company's various lines of cordless power tools. It's not the first cordless coffee maker from Makita - the DCM500Z is also in stock at retailers around the web - but this looks to be the latest, most refined version. There's a product brochure (PDF) on Makita's website but it's mostly written in Japanese.

While not exactly a necessity, a gadget like this could be more useful than you think and could come in incredibly handy while out on a boat, during a picnic or even during extended power outages.

According to Asahi, the new model can make up to 5.3 cups of coffee on a single charge using an 18V battery. The unit weighs 1.5 kilograms and will set you back 11,900 yen, or around $112.