Despite Facebook's claims that the data harvested by Cambridge Analytica had been deleted, it is apparently still available and circulating around the internet. Channel 4 News was easily able to obtain a portion of it which details the psychographic profiles of Colorado residents.

The cache of data that Channel 4 obtained was originally gathered by Cambridge Analytica back in 2014 as part of the now infamous personal questionnaire. It contains political information of some 136,000 Colorado residents as well as their personality, psychological profiles, and Facebook habits.

Last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg issued a public apology claiming that he had previously demanded that Cambridge Analytica "formally certify that they had deleted all improperly acquired data." They provided these certifications but a whistleblower came forward showing they had not done as they said. Zuckerberg then went on to say that Cambridge Analytica "claims they have already deleted the data and has agreed to a forensic audit by a firm we hired to confirm this." Considering a news agency was still easily able to obtain some of the information, it's not clear if this audit has been done at all.

Facebook has declined requests for comment from Channel 4 despite them asking every day since the original story broke. Their only response was that it was a "breach of trust" and that they are sorry. Cambridge Analytica on the other hand claims they never passed any data to external parties, that they have since deleted the data harvested from Facebook, and that they have taken steps to ensure third parties deleted it, too.

Ironically, why they would need to state that they ensured third parties deleted the data after claiming that they never shared anything in the first place.