SpyParty, the one-on-one competitive sniping game from coder and designer Chris Hecker, finally has a launch date after first being shown publicly nearly a decade ago.

For the uninitiated, SpyParty is a "competitive espionage" game that centers around human behavior. One player assumes the role of a spy at a cocktail party and must complete certain tasks within a limited amount of time - all while trying to blend in with the crowd and not arouse suspicion. The other player is the sniper and must study the partygoers to try and determine who the spy is.

The sniper has one bullet to take out the spy before time runs out.

On Monday, it was revealed that SpyParty will debut on Steam (as an Early Access title) on April 12. It'll be priced at $25 although for a limited time, you can grab it at the "beta" price of $15 via the SpyParty website.

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