In the wake of the recent Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal, Facebook has been struggling to regain the trust of their users.

To achieve that goal, the social media platform plans to roll out new security features to give users a greater degree of control over the way their personal information is used. The first of these features is arriving today in the form of a bulk app deletion tool.

If you aren't already aware, many third-party apps and websites allow users to log in with their Facebook account, eliminating the need to memorize passwords and usernames.

This is certainly a convenient option but it doesn't come without its own risks. What if you forget that you've given a third-party website access to your data and they later handle it irresponsibly?

Naturally, removing these app integrations from your Facebook account entirely is the best way to avoid those risks. The catch is, it was only ever possible to remove one app or website integration at a time in the past, slowing the process down considerably for those with multiple third-party integrations.

The bulk app deletion tool, as the name suggests, aims to eliminate those frustrations. To use the feature, simply visit the Apps section of your Facebook settings menu. Within the menu, you'll be able to select multiple apps for simultaneous deletion. The tool is available on mobile and desktop devices alike.