It’s a well-known fact that Grand Theft Auto V has been successful. Very, very successful. Since it launched on the last generation of consoles back in 2013, it’s gone on to sell over 90 million units and brought in around $6 billion, making it the most profitable media product of all time, according to financial information site MarketWatch.

Back in November, publisher Take-Two Interactive revealed that GTA V was the “all-time best-selling video game” in the US. Having now sold 90 million units, it’s become the third best-selling game of all time, sitting behind only Minecraft, which boasts sales of 144 million, and Tetris, which has sold 170 million if you include all the different versions and ports of the classic game.

MarketWatch says GTA V’s success has seen it make more money than any other form of media—movie, record, or book—ever released. Even massive hits like Star Wars and Gone with The Wind can’t compete, both collecting more than $3 billion each—and that’s when adjusted for inflation and taking into account DVD and streaming sales.

Very few games have been able to maintain the level of success that GTA V has for so many years, and thanks to its online multiplayer, the game will no doubt keep on making tons of money for years to come—it’s been on our Best PC Games (You Should be Playing) list since we started the bi-annual feature.

While GTA V Online's ability to keep attracting players is good news for its creators, it’s not so good for those who prefer the solo campaign to the multiplayer element. Rockstar Games has virtually ruled out any single-player DLC, and rumors say GTA 6 won’t arrive until 2022.