Electric vehicles have become a common sight in recent years. While there are certainly many reasons for this, one could argue that efforts from companies like Tesla to make EVs as accessible as possible have played a role in their widespread adoption.

Regardless of who kicked things off, the car industry as a whole has been making some big changes to the way they view EVs. Chevy has rolled out the well-received, all-electric Bolt and many other major car manufacturers plan to follow suit with their own EV offerings.

Volvo, however, has decided to take things a step further. In July, the company announced their decision to go green and manufacture exclusively electric or hybrid vehicles in 2019.

It seems the company is now taking the first steps to make that goal a reality. According to Autoblog, Volvo is currently putting together a line of all-electric, commercial semi trucks.

The first of these vehicles will be called the "FL Electric." The FL Electric will be capable of traveling up to 300km (186 miles) on a single charge, courtesy of "between two and six" 100-300kWh lithium-ion batteries.

By contrast, Tesla's appropriately-named "Semi" electric truck is expected to roll out of factories in 2019 with "300 to 500" miles of range on a single charge. That said, the FL Electric is primarily intended for urban environments, meaning drivers will likely have more opportunities to stop and charge than they would on the world's highways.

Volvo has not yet announced a global launch date for their upcoming electric trucks but the "first trucks" in the FL Electric range are now entering "regular operation" in Gothenburg, Sweden.