Terraria may have started as a 2D Minecraft clone but the game has evolved to be far more than that over time. Since it launched in 2011, Terraria has seen hundreds of updates, many of which have been filled to the brim with free content.

Over the years, developer Re-Logic has added new biomes, weapons and building materials to the game. As a result of this ongoing support, Terraria has become one of the most popular indie titles available today.

With that success in mind, it was no surprise to see Re-Logic announce their plans for a sequel. Dubbed Terraria: Otherworld, the game would have expanded upon many mechanics present in the original title while bringing a significant graphical upgrade to boot.

Unfortunately for fans of Re-Logic's work, Otherworld has officially been canceled today. Though the game's cancellation will surely disappoint many, it won't come as a complete surprise to those who have been following the project since its inception.

According to a Eurogamer report from 2017, the game has had a particularly troubled development cycle since its announcement. The game's problems were so severe that in 2017, Re-Logic pulled the project from the hands of co-developer Engine Software entirely, opting instead to hand the reigns over to fellow indie studio Pipeworks.

In their cancellation announcement, Re-Logic takes responsibility for Otherworld's premature failure, saying they shouldn't have chosen to outsource the game's development given how critical the project would have been for the company.

"Moving ahead, our focus for the core development of new/future titles will be more inward and will seek to utilize our own people," Re-Logic said in their cancellation announcement.