Season 2 of Star Wars Battlefront II arrives in our galaxy in precisely one week.

In celebration of Solo: A Star Wars Story, which hits theaters May 25, Season 2 will have a Han Solo theme to it. According to EA, June content will be inspired by the new film, but this month's update will be old-school Solo.

“The fun begins on May 16 with a trip back to the original trilogy before jumping into new content for June inspired by the forthcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story film.”

Jabba’s Palace will be the featured map for Season 2. Players will compete in Blast, Hero Showdown, or Heroes vs. Villains within the claustrophobic confines of the slug king’s hideout. EA did not mention if the Rancor would be making an appearance, but judging from the image below, the pit will be open for play.

The update will also bring at least two new skins. Leia’s bounty hunter disguise and Lando in his Skiff Guard outfit from Return of the Jedi will be available for purchase (with credits or crystals). Leia’s will also have a new voiceover to go with it, which most certainly will make her sound like a frog. Those were the only two hero skins mentioned, but I suppose Leia’s signature Jabba slave garb would not be too battle worthy.

Season 2 will bring a new mode called “Hero Showdown.” It is similar to Heroes vs. Villians but is 2-on-2 instead of 4-on-4.

“Han Solo’s rarely seen without the mighty Chewbacca at his side, and in Hero Showdown – a new round-based elimination mode in The Han Solo Season – you’ll be able to take your favorite pairings into two-on-two Heroes vs. Villains battles. Han Solo and Chewbacca vs. Boba Fett and Bossk? Yoda and Rey vs. Vader and Captain Phasma? That’s up to you, but once a round is won, you must pick another duo for the next round. Bring out your wits and tactics for this one.”

The last goodie coming to the May update is Starfighter Custom Arcade. This mode was requested by many players, so EA delivered. In it, you will be able to tear things up in arcade mode piloting a variety of fighters including the Millennium Falcon.

The update will also include menu tweaks and other fixes which you can read about in the latest Community Transmission.

Star Wars Battlefront II Season 2 — “The Han Solo Season” starts May 16, with even more themed content coming in June.