Valve today announced the upcoming release of two free apps for Steam users - Steam Link and Steam Video.

The Steam Link app will let Steam users stream their games to Android and iOS devices, including smart TVs, phones and tablets.

In theory, that means you'll be able to play any game in your Steam library on your mobile phone by automatically utilizing the power of your full PC or laptop.

How exactly Valve plans to let you control your favorite games on devices with smaller screens is another story, but the company will undoubtedly give us more details closer to the app's launch.

Those who have already shelled out the cash for one of Valve's physical Steam Link devices (which largely accomplished the same thing as the app) might, perhaps understandably, be disappointed by this news.

However, Valve seems to feel that opening up the functionality to additional users free of charge will be a net benefit for their customers, despite a few inevitable complaints.

Steam Video, on the other hand, is something new entirely. The app will be geared towards Steam's growing library of movies and shows, allowing users to watch their favorite content online or offline on their Android or iOS device.

This may seem like a strange piece of software for Valve to create at first – after all, they're likely not going to compete with the likes of Netflix anytime soon – but the company claims it was developed in "direct response" to customer feedback.

Valve did not announce a specific release date for the apps, but they claim they claim the Steam Link app will arrive the "week of May 21st" and the Steam Video app will launch sometime this summer.