With Year Three Season Two (Y3S2) of Rainbow Six Siege fast approaching, Ubisoft has decided to offer a free weekend to drum up hype and expand its player base. A weekend might not seem like enough time to get into a game like Rainbow Six, but fortunately, Ubisoft's weekends start early.

Starting May 17 (Thursday) PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC users will have the opportunity to try out Rainbow Six Siege for free until Sunday, May 20. They may also take advantage of a 50-percent discount if they like it enough to buy it.

Season one of this year is only about halfway through, so Y3S2 is still several weeks away. However, Ubisoft has teased us with a few details of what we can expect in the coming update.

Season Two's "Operation Para Bellum" will feature Italian inspired maps and operators. Two new operators are in the lineup, but Ubisoft only gave us the background for one of them on its Steam blog.

"Her name is Aria de Luca [aka Alibi]. She was born in Tripoli, Libya and immigrated with her family when she was three years old. Her father managed a small ordnance manufacturer, using his contacts to open up exports. De Luca earned her understanding of Italian firearms through the family business and training on the shooting range. At 18, Aria entered the European Championships and won gold in two divisions. Following the event, a Carabinieri recruiter convinced her to join the police force."

"De Luca's precision shooting skills shot her up the ranks, and she served for a time with the elite Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale in fighting organized crime. She eventually earned a spot in the Gruppo Intervento Speciale (G.I.S.), and following a successful operation in Afghanistan despite being separated from her unit; she was singled out for undercover work in organized crime. She infiltrated the Vinciguerra Crime Family and spent several years among them before bringing them down from the inside."

According to developers, De Luca was inspired by real-life Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale infiltration specialists.

Pre-season designer's notes also indicate that the Y3S2 update will bring a few balancing changes to operator movement speed. The dev's feel that the game is weighed too much in favor of speed making heavy armor a less viable option. They will try to bring these two factors closer to the middle and slow the pace of the game a bit.

Having handguns drawn will also affect movement speed. Operators will gain a slight speed advantage when moving with their pistol versus having an assault rifle at the ready.

"This will push players towards giving more thought to their secondary weapon choice," the devs said. "We do not expect this to drive a significant change, but feel it is worth investigating."

Season Two's precise launch date has not been announced yet, but Ubisoft has a big Y3S2 reveal slated for May 19-20 on Twitch during the Pro League Finals.