It's clear Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is beginning to grow tired of the Cambridge Analytica data privacy debacle.

After attending two lengthy US Congress hearings in April, it would be understandable for the CEO to want to take a bit of a break from answering lawmaker questions. Indeed, that seemed to be precisely what Zuckerberg decided to do recently.

As we reported last week, Zuckerberg declined two separate hearing invitations from the UK Parliament's Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport Committee, even with the threat of a formal summons looming over his head.

Interestingly, though, shortly after declining the UK's second invitation, Zuckerberg accepted a meeting invitation from EU Parliament president Antonio Tajani.

It isn't clear why Zuckerberg decided to accept one invitation over another, but it's possible the CEO feels the European Parliament is a bigger potential threat to Facebook's business interests.

At any rate, this meeting was initially set to occur in private. However, a petition and numerous objections from MEPs has resulted in Tajani and Zuckerberg agreeing to stream the meeting live.

The stream will begin May 22 at 6:20 pm CET, and it's expected to end at 7:30 pm CET. You'll be able to watch the stream yourself on the official European Parliament website. We'll update this article with the official stream link when it goes live.