Unreal, the legendary first-person shooter from Epic Games that spawned a successful franchise under the same banner, turned 20 years old today. My, how time flies!

Unreal launched on May 22, 1998, courtesy of developers Digital Extremes, Legend Entertainment and Epic (then known as Epic MegaGames) along with publisher GT Interactive. It was powered by Epic's own Unreal Engine, now in its fourth iteration.

To celebrate the occasion, Epic is offering Unreal Gold Edition absolutely free for a limited time (the next 46 hours or so) over on Steam and GOG.com (it's originally priced at $9.99). If you haven't yet had the opportunity to try out this gem or want to revisit it again, now's your chance. And don't worry - so long as your PC has any semblance of a heartbeat, it'll be able to run Unreal as the minimum specs only call for a 1GHz processor and 256MB of RAM.

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