Autonomous vehicles may be the future of personal transportation but for the near-term, human drivers will still be needed to cart passengers to and fro. Ride-hailing services like Lyft are well aware of this fact and it's in their best interest to reasonably cater to their drivers' needs for a bit longer.

Fittingly, Lyft Chief Operating Officer Jon McNeill on Wednesday announced a $100 million investment designed to support drivers. The money will be used to break ground on the next generation of Lyft Hubs, a series of driver support centers that'll offer amenities like heavy discounts on oil changes and basic vehicle maintenance, charging stations for electric vehicles and car and SUV rentals.

Lyft Hubs will also afford career support, dole out coffee and refreshments, provide clean bathrooms and comfortable spots to rest and even help drivers with filing their taxes.

From today, existing Lyft Hub locations will see their operational hours nearly double.

McNeill, who joined Lyft as chief operating officer earlier this year after being poached from Tesla, said the idea is to help drivers make a greater profit by reducing their costs and providing education on how to maximize their earnings.

Lyft drivers, like those who work for Uber, are independent contractors and thus shoulder all of the expenses associated with driving for the company. When driving for a living, the "hidden" cost of basic maintenance items like oil changes can quickly add up and cut into your earnings.

McNeill said Lyft plans to break ground on the new Hubs this summer.