Something to look forward to: It seems the recent slew of autonomous car crashes involving the likes of Tesla and Uber hasn't deterred other car companies from expanding upon their own self-driving systems. Cadillac has announced plans to roll out their semi-autonomous Super Cruise technology to "every Cadillac model" in their repertoire beginning in 2020. Other General Motors companies, such as Chevrolet and Buick, are expected to follow suit afterward.

If you thought companies like Uber, Tesla, and Waymo were the only ones interested in the future of self-driving car technology, think again.

According to TechCrunch, Cadillac is planning to expand their "Super Cruise" semi-autonomous driving tech – which is currently only available in the company's CT6 sedan – to "every Cadillac" model in their repertoire.

If that sounds like an ambitious plan, it gets better: Cadillac wants to accomplish this goal during 2020.

For the unaware, Super Cruise is a form of self-driving tech that functions pretty similarly to Tesla's Autopilot system. When engaged, Super Cruise can control a given vehicle's steering and speed, but only on highways.

At any rate, Cadillac isn't the only car company who plans to take further advantage of Super Cruise. Other General Motors (GM) brands, such as GMC, Buick, and Chevy, hope to make use of the tech in their vehicle lineups sometime after 2020, though specifics are vague at the moment.

GM's approach to autonomous car tech is more conservative than what we've recently seen from other companies working on similar tech. It's clear that, for the time being, GM isn't interested in pushing for fully-autonomous driving in their mass-market vehicles.

However, 2020 is still quite a ways off, so it's possible that Super Cruise could receive some pretty significant feature additions during the next couple of years.

Image courtesy TechCrunch