Highly anticipated: Brutal four-player co-op is coming to PS4, XB1, and PC with Overkill's The Walking Dead. Each playable character has unique abilities to be utilized in combat and base building. What those skills are will likely be revealed during E3.

Overkill's The Walking Dead will be nothing like the AMC's zombie series. In fact, just about the only thing other than zombies that they share in common is both are based on the Robert Kirkman --- Tony Moore comic book published by Image Comics.

Overkill's The Walking Dead is a collaborative effort between developers Overkill (Payday) and Starbreeze Studios (Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher's Bay) and organized by Kirkman's entertainment company Skybound. It is billed as a four-player cooperative first-person shooter. As such, it will have four unique playable characters that Starbreeze has slowly been introducing with trailers.

Above is the latest trailer featuring Heather. Don't let her looks fool you. Heather is a ruthless bitch, which is precisely what I would want to see on a resume during the zombie apocalypse. The trailer has her being accosted by three other survivors while gathering supplies. She brutally murders one (in self-defense of course) and gravely wounds another before being kicked unconscious and left for dead by the third.

After coming to, Heather finds her two surviving attackers in the alleyway tending wounds. Firing a flare, she riles up a mob of zombies and locks the gate in front of the alley. The thug that knocked her out begs her to give him the key.

"Buy it back," she says, indicating the supplies they stole from her.

The raider is reluctant at first but finally tosses over the backpack, but instead of handing him the key, Heather drops it outside the gate, but within reach and tells him, "Good luck."

Ruthless --- just like the comic.

The other three characters --- Aidan, Maya, and Grant have already been introduced, but we put their trailers below in case you missed them.

Even though the game is an FPS at heart, it will contain base-building elements. Each protagonist has unique abilities and a backstory that will lend them to excel in particular roles. For example, Maya has a background as a nurse, so she might serve as a healer.

Developers will have a booth at E3 where they may have some gameplay footage and more details including a specific release date. As of right now, the launch window is Fall 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on Steam for PC.

Aiden's Trailer

Maya's Trailer

Grant's Trailer