WTF?! FromSoftware took the opportunity during Sony's E3 showcase to unveil its next big game. It's not Bloodborne 2, but rather a VR title called Déraciné about a faerie. And no, it's not an evil faerie out for blood with some bad-ass moves and weapons. This faerie wants to help children.

FromSoftware has been working on a PlayStation VR exclusive, but it is not what you would expect from the maker of Bloodborne and Dark Souls.

The game is called Déraciné, which is French for "uprooted." It puts players in the role of a spirit --- a faerie --- that has been summoned by a girl at a boarding school. Nobody can see the entity, so the player must find ways to communicate its existence.

The faerie is stuck in a world that is frozen in time and as players unlock the game's puzzles time progresses bit by bit.

"Aren't you excited? You're going to be a fairy and live in the world where time stands still when nobody can see what you're up to ever again."

Ultimately the player must gain the trust of the students at the boarding school and somehow "change their fates."

Déraciné's gameplay is relaxed as players discover their own pace through the story. It is billed as an evolved point-and-click adventure game in VR. This is not to say you will be moving a cursor around clicking on everything, but just that the majority of the game is exploration and figuring out how to unfold the story. FromSoftware director Hidetaka Miyazaki describes it as a visual novel.

"This title got its start when I asked myself whether I could recreate the classic adventure game with its relaxed pace in virtual reality, giving users an entirely unique experience," said Miyazaki.

It is definitely not what I was expecting and is clearly a wide departure from what FromSoftware is known. I'm not so sure that the classic adventure game will transfer to VR so well, but it should be interesting to see if Miyazaki pulls it off.

Déraciné is due out sometime this year exclusively for PSVR.