Something to look forward to: Cyberpunk 2077 was unveiled on Sunday in a short in-engine trailer, but now we're finally getting some meaty information about the game. Through numerous interviews conducted with CDPR employees today, we've learned that the game will be a first-person perspective RPG with driveable vehicles, character creation, backstory generation, wallrunning, and brutal melee combat.

After many years of silence, CD Projekt Red recently unveiled their much-anticipated sci-fi RPG Cyberpunk 2077, at the very end of Microsoft's E3 2018 press conference.

While the reveal was exciting to long-time fans, the trailer raised more questions than it answered. Rumors that the game would be a first-person began circulating a few months back. Fortunately, CD Projekt Red appeared at GameSpot Live during E3 to answer questions during a brief 15-minute interview.

Though GameSpot's interview with CD Projekt Red's Kyle Rowley was short, we learned quite a bit of juicy information about the game. For starters, we now know that the game will be almost entirely a first-person perspective (FPP) RPG. Players will only be able to switch camera perspectives during cutscenes or vehicle driving.

That said, Rowley emphasized numerous times that the game will not be a first-person shooter (FPS). Instead, it will be an RPG with shooter elements. The combat will be faster-paced than Fallout 4, but slower than something like Doom.

Camera viewpoint aside, players will be able to create their own character (male or female) and select a unique backstory for them by generating a "lifepath," a carry-over from 2077's pen-and-paper roots.

Furthermore, characters will have access to skills, perks, and attributes which will govern how they interact with the world. For example, if a character doesn't have a high enough hacking skill to get through a door, they can use their engineering skill to pry open a nearby wall panel to force their way in.

Unlike the 2077's source material, the Cyberpunk 2020 pen-and-paper RPG, the game will not include classes or roles in the traditional sense. Rather, players will be able to choose perks and skills that suit their preferences as they play, allowing them to create their own class over time.

However, the progression system's contents are centered around three styles of play that do closely match three specific pen-and-paper classes: Solo, Techie, and Netrunner.

Journalists who have been treated to a behind-closed-doors gameplay demo have nothing but good things to say about the game:

From what we've seen and heard so far, both shooting and melee combat will take place in first-person. In the latter's case, Rowley says the team has learned a lot from their experience with combat in The Witcher 3, though it's not clear exactly how that will translate into a FPP title.

When asked whether or not players would be able to control flying cars in Cyberpunk 2077 manually, Rowley simply said they won't be talking about that for now, but he did confirm motorcycles and ordinary cars as potential player-controlled vehicles.

Players will be able to talk their way through several situations without conflict, and, much like The Witcher 3, they'll also be able to do so by choosing from a wide array of dialogue options that fit the personality they're aiming for with their character.

Furthermore, romance options and NPC companions seem to be in the game, though it's not clear how much of a role the latter will play. Companions may be temporary sidekicks as they were in The Witcher 3, or they may be more permanent like they were in Fallout 4.

As far as exploration goes, CD Projekt Red has emphasized verticality with Cyberpunk 2077. Unlike The Witcher 3, which had plenty of wide open fields and dense forests, Cyberpunk 2077 has towering skyscrapers, some of which are enterable "megabuildings." These multi-floor behemoths will include their own societies, vendors, quest givers and more.

In Cyberpunk 2077, player exploration will only be gated by their "street cred," a number that determines which areas you'll have access to, among other things. It's not clear how this system will be enforced, but CD Projekt Red says your street cred can be raised by wearing certain clothing.

Speaking of clothing, players will reportedly have access to their own apartment where they can stash their gear, including their favorite jackets or outfits. If players aren't happy with their starting apartment, it sounds like they'll be able to use their "blood money" to invest in additional properties.

Finally, Cyberpunk 2077 will feature a unique dialogue system. Players will be able to actively comment on an NPC's appearance or tattoos to butter them up, or they can end the conversation early with a "well-placed bullet."

Cyberpunk 2077 doesn't have an official release date yet, nor is it available for pre-order, but we will likely learn more about the game in the coming months.