For fun: Father’s Day is coming up this weekend and if you were hoping to score “Dad of the Year” honors, well, you’re probably already out of the running as British maker Colin Furze has seemingly taken the crown.

On Thursday, the renowned Internet personality shared details of a turbine-powered micro scooter he recently built for his son. RC enthusiasts will no doubt recognize a few familiar components – namely the 6-cell Turnigy LiPo battery pack and a HobbyKing X-Car 1:8 scale 150A ESC as well as the LRP Electronics A2-RX Sport III receiver and transmitter.

The system is operated remotely, putting Furze in control of the throttle rather than the five-year-old. Wise move.

While not as elaborate as some of his previous creations, the build is still impressive as it required some custom 3D-printed pieces and fabrication. The turbine fan may look small but as you can see, it’s got some power to it.

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