Bottom line: By extending the amenity to all senders, Amazon is making for an even more attractive offer that'll be hard for property owners and managers to turn down.

Amazon's latest delivery solution is now available for installation across the US. First trialed last year and already accessible to more than 500,000 residents, Hub by Amazon is a delivery locker for apartment residents that addresses frustrations from property owners, residents and carriers regarding package delivery.

Residents have their orders shipped to their home address just as they normally would. When it arrives, couriers deliver the package to the on-site Hub where it can be picked up by the resident using an access code. Best yet, it works for deliveries from any sender, not just Amazon.

The lockers alleviate issues with front desk staff having to store and retrieve parcels and eliminate the threat of package theft. What's more, couriers can drop off all packages at a single location instead of potentially having to go door to door for deliveries. Residents also get secure access to their packages, day or night, to better fit their schedule.

Amazon says several of the nation's largest residential property owners and managers have signed up to use the Hub with thousands of additional residents gaining access each month.