Something to look forward to: Valve's quest to update Steam has taken another step. Following the overhaul of the platform's chat system with new and improved features last week, the company has now launched the beta of Publisher and Developer Homepages, allowing users to follow the companies behind their favorite titles.

Currently, Steam users can see everything from a specific developer or publisher by clicking on their name within a game page. This brings up a list (below) similar to the one used in the search results, featuring only prices, release dates, and whether they are rated as positive, negative, or mixed.

The new Creator Homepages bring a much more attractive design and layout. Each page includes detailed information about a publisher's or developer's back catalog, and there are lists of their top sellers, new releases, upcoming releases, and discounts. Customizable filters are also available, and you can even use unique URLs for linking to the pages, such as

"Creators with a number of titles can showcase the series and franchises in a number of different ways, or just focus on highlighting their top-selling or newest releases," explains Valve.

One particularly useful new feature allows users to follow their favorite companies and get email notifications whenever they release a new game. Additionally, followers will see more of a studio's recent releases and deals in their recommendations, front pages, and across the Steam store.

Valve said those smaller developers with just one or two games would have homepages that look slightly different. These will be designed to highlight the firms' future releases, rather than their current titles.

A full list of the developers and publishers that have set up homepages is available here.