Through the looking glass: Scrutiny of news sources has reached new heights as the "fake news" buzzword is routinely mentioned. Apple's decision to hand pick which news sources to display to its customer base inevitably leaves some form of bias present. A more informed public is beneficial to electing the best fit candidates for open positions, but will Apple actually operate its new Midterm Elections section without following the trends proliferating through Silicon Valley?

The Apple News app now features a new 2018 Midterm Elections section to offer up to date information and promote informed voting decisions. Apple's team of editors will be selecting reliable sources to feature making it easy to read about current issues.

In a series called The Conversation, Apple will highlight opinion columns on controversial topics. A wider variety of news sources will be included in this section in attempt to expose app users to more viewpoints. On the Ground will be a subsection dedicated to more regional and local issues at hand.

Although bias is inevitable where humans are involved, Apple is attempting to remain at least a little neutral. Coverage from The Washington Post, Axios, Politico, Fox News, Vox, and additional publishers will be featured.

Whether or not Apple truly remains neutral in carefully handpicking which articles to feature will be up to the end users to determine. According to Apple's public policy advocacy statement and regulatory filings, the company itself has not directly donated to any political candidates, parties, or action committees. CEO Tim Cook has personally donated to individuals on both sides of the aisle.

Apple's only direct financial involvement in political campaigns occurred in 2012 and 2014 to support bills that would increasing funding to local school districts for modernizing and improving classrooms. Donations of $9,000 and $9,500 respectively were issued to the "Support our Cupertino District Schools" campaign. However, lobbying efforts on specific bills are standard operating procedure.

For iOS users, ensuring that Apple News is up to date will allow the new feature to be accessed.