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Spanish labor minister wants to provide €20,000 to every young Spaniard upon reaching adulthood

Forward-looking: Spain will hold a vote on July 23, and Yolanda Díaz, the woman aspiring to become the country's first female prime minister, is prepared for a fight. Díaz has put forward an exceptionally progressive political agenda, which involves a contentious universal payment aimed at providing young people with the necessary funds for pursuing their education or starting a new business.
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Social media influencers could get their own White House briefing room as Biden looks to younger voters

Ahead of next year's election
WTF?! Just how much influence do influencers really have? The Biden administration certainly doesn't underestimate the hold these social media stars have on young people. According to a new report, they may be given their own briefing room at the White House as part of a strategy to reach younger demographics ahead of next year's election.
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Kremlin officials told to get rid of their iPhones, or give them to "the kids"

The Kremlin doesn't trust iPhones
What just happened? The Kremlin has told staff involved in President Vladimir Putin's 2024 re-election campaign to get rid of their iPhones before the end of this month over fears that western intelligence agencies could be using them for surveillance purposes. Those who would rather not throw their expensive handset away have been advised to "give it to the kids."