In context: Google's decision to bring the Spanish language to their line of Home smart speakers is the latest example of the company's ongoing attempts to get their Google Assistant AI in front of as many users as possible, regardless of their native language or location.

It's no secret that Google wants to get their Google Assistant AI helper in front of as many potential users as possible. The smart assistant has already arrived on iOS and Android devices, as well as smart TVs, and headphones.

However, despite this already wide-ranging accessibility, Google feels there's still room for improvement.

As such, starting today, the company is enabling the Spanish language across their line of Google Home devices, including the regular Home, the Home Max, and the Home Mini.

To be clear, the language has always been available for Google assistant on other devices, but until now, it never made its way to Google's smart speaker line-up.

In their official announcement, Google also claims that Spanish versions of their Google Home and Google Home Mini devices are available in both Mexico and Spain starting right now.

If Spanish is your native language, but you don't feel like going out and buying an entirely new Google Home or Home Mini, switching the language of your current device to Spanish is relatively simple. All you need to do is open up your Google Assistant settings on your smartphone, tap your Home device, and select "Assistant language."