Huawei may be having a few issues doing business in the United States, but that doesn't mean their creative departments have been idle. Indeed, as reported by LetsGoDigital, the Chinese phonemaker has recently been granted a patent for a new smartwatch design.

The patent details a device, dubbed the Huawei Watch 3, that functions much like any other smartwatch, with an interesting twist - the device could contain an entirely new earbud storage method.

The device's included earbuds could be stored in a small, spring-loaded capsule within the watch. These earbuds would be wireless with Bluetooth compatibility, active noise canceling, and water resistance, though it's not clear what IP resistance rating Huawei is targeting with them.

At any rate, if sticking your earbuds inside a tiny capsule doesn't sound like your cup of tea, Huawei's patented Watch would also let users magnetically attach their earbuds to the bottom of the watchband in a small storage compartment.

As always, a patent filing is not necessarily an indication that a given company plans to bring a given product to market. In many cases, patenting technology is merely a tactic corporations use to prevent their competitors from snatching their ideas.

If you happen to understand Chinese, you can examine Huawei's Watch 3 patent for yourself right here.

Image courtesy LetsGoDigital