Recap: Back in 2015, Konami canceled what was one of the most anticipated horror games in years: Silent Hills. The studio also erased all trace of P.T., the game's excellent 'Playable Teaser,' from the PlayStation Network. Now, a recreation of the demo has come to the PC, thanks to a 17-year-old developer.

There have been other fan-made attempts at recreating P.T., including the long-in-development 'spiritual successor' Allison Road. But creator Qismar has already released an initial build of a planned full remake of the game for PC.

"I'm remaking PT on PC. Many others have begun trying to make their own ports, but as far as I can tell, I'm the only person who is still working on it, and I'm the only one who will finish," the dev said in a Reddit post (via Polygon).

"Prior to having started this project, I've only had 6 hours of experience with the Unreal Engine [...] and this is my first game. In total, I've spent about 140 hours on this and on the way, I've had to force myself to learn how to do a ton of things," they wrote.

"Also, I'm 17 so if that adds any to my street cred, then there it is."

Qismar is running the risk of receiving a DMCA notice for his efforts, though another PC recreation, SmoggyChips' 'Corridors,' has been available since January. There's also this version from LinusPixel called "Silent Hills Playable Teaser."

Qismar says the game is being released on a Game Jolt page to try and prevent any copyright issues. But if the worst does happen, they will try to "personally upload the game to each individual person who wants it."

You can download the first build of the game and discover one of the scariest games in years right here.

While the end of Silent Hills meant Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and Walking Dead star Norman Reedus were no longer working together, the pair soon joined forces once again for the upcoming Death Stranding.