Why it matters: Facebook is no stranger to experimentation and in the grand scheme of things, shutting down these apps probably won't cause much of a ripple. The timing - shortly after the big data scandal involving Cambridge Analytica - is a bit curious as these apps had a heavy focus on data collection and younger users but perhaps that's just a coincidence.

Facebook is shutting down a trio of apps launched over the last four years due to low user engagement. User data associated with the apps will be deleted within 90 days, the social network said in announcing the closures.

In 2014, Facebook purchased Moves, a fitness app that records your daily activity including walking, cycling and running. The app and the Moves API will go dark on July 31.

Facebook launched Hello in 2015 as a way for people using Android in Brazil, Nigeria and the US to combine contact information on their phone with information from Facebook. Facebook will be "deprecating" Hello in a few weeks, we're told.

Last but not least is tbh, an anonymous social media app designed for high school students. The app launched in September 2017 and was acquired by Facebook a month later but never gained much traction.

Facebook said it knows that some people are still using these apps and will be disappointed to learn they are going away but they need to prioritize their work so they don't spread themselves too thin. It's only by trial and error, Facebook says, that they'll create great social experiences for people.