Amazon may be dominating the digital shopping market, but as we've learned over the past couple years, their ambitions don't stop there. They acquired Whole Foods in 2017, and later opened up America's first cashier and checkout-free supermarket, Amazon Go, in January.

Amazon Go, for the unaware, offers a pretty unique shopping experience. Customers use their phones to register their Amazon account upon entry into the store, grab the items they want and walk out; No item scanning and no waiting in line.

The store's weight sensors and its wide array of cameras gather information to help Amazon determine what you bought.

After the company has done so, your account will automatically be charged. If you were wrongly charged, the store uses the honor system, letting you take items directly off your digital receipt with no verification needed.

The first location opened in Seattle, Washington. After a large amount of public praise and a strong burst of initial success, Amazon later confirmed that more Go locations were being planned. Specifically, stores are set to arrive in Chicago and San Francisco.

However, it seems Amazon has shifted their location priority a bit. A new report from GeekWire claims that the company's second Go location will also be arriving in Seattle, at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Marion Street.

It's not entirely clear why Amazon is launching their second Go location in the same city as their first, but it's possible they're trying to dominate local markets before moving on to other states and cities.

Regardless of their reasoning, the new Go store will be significantly bigger than the first, at around 3,000 square feet. For reference, the first store only had about 1,800 square feet of floor space.

If you live in Seattle and you're wondering when you can try the high-tech store for yourself, Amazon says it will officially open its doors this fall.