Why it matters: There's no denying that since it launched in October last year, Google's Pixel 2 XL has had it's share of problems. One of these issues---a software bug that renders the camera unusable---has finally been acknowledged by Google and the company says it is working on a fix.

Pixel 2 XL owners have reported that some handsets suffer from screen burn-in, grainy textures, muted colors, and crackling audio issues. Google has addressed several of these through software updates and warranty extensions, but until now the company has failed to acknowldge the camera problem.

Those experiencing the bug have found that the camera app stops working due to a 'fatal error.' Google had thought it was caused by cellular interference, but the fact its 'fix' had no effect proved this wasn't the case.

After Twitter user Ciara said the camera on her Pixel 2 XL had stopped working, Google recommended clearing the camera app's cache and restarting the handset. Having explained that she'd already tried this, Google said its team was looking into the issue and working on a fix. Until one arrives, the company recommends putting the phone in airplane mode when taking a photo.

While some buyers found that the Pixel 2 had some problems of its own, these appear to be more of a rarity compared to its larger sibling. It's why we recommend that anyone thinking of buying a Pixel 2 opt for the smaller handset.

Exactly when the fix will arrive is unknown. After all the issues with its newest handsets, one would expect the Pixel 3s to be more robust. But then again, the original Pixels also suffered from problems, so maybe the trend will continue.