Bottom line: It's not uncommon to encounter Uber drivers offering riders a bottle of water or a piece of gum but up to this point, the perks have been on the rider's dime. With Cargo, drivers will have the opportunity to sell snacks to riders and make a profit in the process.

Uber is offering its drivers yet another opportunity to earn revenue while simultaneously enhancing the rider experience through a new partnership with Cargo.

For those unfamiliar, Cargo is a start-up that provides in-vehicle commerce to the ridesharing economy. Think of it as a mini-mart inside your Uber - hop in, make a purchase or two using your smartphone and the driver will hand over the goodies when it's safe to do so. Convenient, right?

There's extra incentive for brands to participate in the program as well. In addition to simply putting their products in front of more potential buyers, companies also get detailed analytics about riders - where you got in your car, if you buy a particular product on a regular basis, etc.

Uber drivers in the Los Angeles and San Francisco area can swing by their nearby Greenlight Hub to pick up a Cargo box.

Cargo says it customizes products by market, season and time of day to offer the best rider experience. In its first California markets, Cargo will carry Rxbar protein bars, Kellogg's NutriGrain bars, Tazo iced tea, Extra chewy mints, Happy Plugs earbuds, Winky Lux Matcha lip balm and Patchology eye and lip gel. Free samples of select products will also be available, Uber says.