In brief: Twitter might be packed with trolls and abusive comments, but the problem is even worse on its video-streaming platform, Periscope. To address this issue, the company says that starting August 10, it will be clamping down on people who repeatedly violate its guidelines by suspending their accounts.

As explained in its Medium post titled "A Safer Conversation," Twitter will soon begin "more aggressive enforcement of our guidelines related to chats sent during live broadcasts."

Periscope introduced "Flash Juries" back in 2016---a system that asks a random set of broadcast viewers to vote on whether a reported comment is abusive. They're asked to identify it as 'Abuse or Spam,' 'Looks OK,' or 'Not Sure.' If the majority of people agree it is offensive/spam, the perpetrator is temporarily banned from posting in the stream. A second offensive sees them banned from the remainder of the broadcast.

While it's better than nothing, the Flash Juries are far from a perfect way of combating trolls. Repeat offenders are free to enter other broadcasts and continue their abuse.

From August 10, Twitter will start reviewing and suspending accounts for repeatedly sending chats that violate its guidelines. Hopefully, the threat of a suspension should discourage people from abusing and trolling others.

As is usually the case with this type of self-policing, there are concerns that some people might report others just because they disagree with them, or the reporting could become a form of trolling in itself. Still, it's an improvement on the current system and one that has been welcomed by the majority of broadcasters.