WTF?! There have been plenty of questionable viral challenges in the past, but the latest has seen law enforcement around the world warn participants that they face fines and criminal charges if caught. Who would have thought all this could come from a comedian dancing to a catchy Drake song?

Remember the Tide Pod challenge from earlier this year? The dangerous practice involved members of the public and YouTubers filming themselves eating the detergent-filled pods that resemble fruit-flavored snacks. Stupid, but arguably not as bad as the latest viral phenomena, the "Kiki Challenge," which involves getting out of a moving vehicle and dancing alongside it.

Those who take part in the challenge are videoed dancing along to Drake's "In my feelings" track, leading to the hashtag #InMyFeelings Challenge. They do this next to their slowly moving cars as they travel down the street, something that has already resulted in several injuries.

Comedian Shiggy started the craze after an Instagram post of him dancing to the song went viral. Celebrities including Will Smith have also posted videos of themselves dancing to the music, but none have been jumping out of cars, obviously.

Police everywhere from the US to India to the Middle East are warning of the challenge's dangers, adding that those caught could face fines up to $1000 and possible criminal charges.

We've already seen videos of people smashing into objects, falling down holes, and being hit by other cars while dancing. One clip sees thieves stealing a woman's handbag as she moves alongside her vehicle.

Mumbai police's twitter account shows a man crashing into a post as he takes part in the challenge. "Desist from public nuisance or face the music!" the Indian force wrote.

In the US, Connecticut State Police said anyone caught performing the Kiki challenge could face a reckless endangerment charge, while the National Transportation Safety Board also posted a warning on Twitter.