In brief: In exactly one week from today, Samsung will show off the Galaxy Note 9 at an Unpacked event in Brooklyn, New York. As is always the case during the runup to these unveilings, leaks surrounding the handset are arriving online. The latest suggests that the phone will launch two weeks after the debut, and it may not cost as much as we expect.

In its recent quarterly earnings report, Samsung blamed falling revenue partly on "slow" sales of its Galaxy S9---something it says is the result of more competition from new smartphone models. In the company's lengthy earnings statement, it writes: "In response, Samsung will seek to expand sales by introducing a new Galaxy Note earlier than usual."

Thanks to what is reportedly a poster in a Korean carrier store, it looks as if we now know the Note 9's release date: August 24. That matches some earlier rumors, and if preorders for the Note 9 go live on August 10, as expected, that launch will arrive exactly two weeks later, which makes sense.

The poster also shows some of the preorder freebies available to those who buy a new Note 9 in advance, including wireless chargers, screen protectors, and cases.

The other big question over the Note 9 is how much it will cost. Another reason why Samsung feels the S9 didn't perform as well as expected was due to its high price. With many excellent handsets now available for several hundred dollars less than its flagships, Samsung is feeling the effects of consumers opting for cheaper models. As such, the company say it "will be offering the Note 9 at reasonable prices in order to maximize sales."

The term "reasonable prices" is open to interpretation. Earlier this month, we heard that the Note 9 might cost $960. Whether Samsung considers that to be reasonable remains to be seen.